Project's baseline reports 2019

During the spring 2019, ARCTISEN partners conducted nearly hundred interviews among start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), local destination man¬agement organisations (DMO) and other tourism actors. These interviews included questions about business envi¬ronments, product development and capac¬ity-building needs. The focus of the interviews lied on ques¬tions of agency and self-determination, but also on issues related to the use of cultural resources in tourism.

The purpose of the ARCTISEN baseline reports have been to build knowledge of the cur¬rent tourism practices in the pro¬ject area. They give us important guidance when planning and conducting, for instance, benchmarking trips, workshops and different kinds of educational materials. The ARCTISEN transnational report and the more detailed national reports are currently in press and will be published during November 2019 - January 2020. The first publication that just came out of press, is the baseline report from Finnish Lapland (which will soon be published also in English).


TRANSNATIONAL baseline report

Name: Looking at Arctic tourism through the lens of cultural sensitivity : ARCTISEN – a transnational baseline report

Authors: Olsen, Kjell O.; Avildgaard, Mette S.; Brattland, Camilla; Chimirri, Daniela; De Bernardi, Cecilia; Edmonds, Johnny; Grimwood, Bryan S. R.; Hurst, Chris E.; Höckert, Emily; Jæger, Kari; Kugapi, Outi; Lemelin, R. Harvey; Lüthje, Monika; Mazzullo, Nuccio; Müller, Dieter K.; Ren, Carina; Saari, Ritva; Ugwuegbula, Lateisha; Viken, Arvid  

Summary: This transnational report approaches current tourism development in the Arctic through the lens of cultural sensitivity. What does cultural sensitivity mean? In which ways can Indigenous peoples and other local communities utilize their cultural heritage and contemporary life in creating successful tourism products and services? Based on a tourist survey and interviews among tourism actors, the report offers an overview and cross-national comparison across the project areas of Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden.

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FINLAND national baseline report (English translation forthcoming)

Name: Kohti kulttuurisensitiivistä matkailua: Suomen Lappi (2019)

Authors: Kugapi, O., Höckert, Emily; Lüthje, Monika; Mazzullo, Nuccio; Saari, Ritva.

Summary: Julkaisussa luodaan yleiskatsaus Suomen Lapin matkailun nykytilaan ja tulevaisuuteen kulttuurisensitiivisyyden näkökulmasta. Mitä kulttuurisensitiivisyys tarkoittaa? Miksi sen huomioiminen Lapin matkailussa on tärkeää? Miten sitä voitaisiin vahvistaa ja mitä haasteita siihen sisältyy? Kysymyksiä tarkastellaan erityisesti saamelaisten kulttuurien näkökulmasta. Julkaisu pohjautuu 44 lappilaisen matkailutoimijan haastatteluun.

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SWEDEN national baseline report (forthcoming)


NORWAY national baseline report (forthcoming)


GREENLAND national baseline report (forthcoming)


CANADA national baseline report (forthcoming)