Special Session on Culturally Sensitive Tourism

28th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research 23 – 25 October 2019 at Roskilde University, Denmark


Culturally sensitive tourism in the Arctic

Chairs: Carina Ren (ren(at)cgs.aau.dk), Aalborg University, Denmark, Emily Höckert (emily.hockert(at)ulapland.fi), Kjell Olsen (kjell.o.olsen(at)uit.no), Bryan Grimwood (grimwood(at)uwaterloo.ca), Outi Kugapi (outi.kugapi(at)ulapland.fi)

The purpose of the session is to gather around the notion of cultural sensitivity in tourism settings. Expanding tourist interest in the Arctic is bringing unforeseen opportunities and demand for new tourism products and services that draw on the cultural and natural resources of the region. Simultaneously, limited knowledge of indigenous and other local cultures in Northern communities calls for more open and responsible dialogue among different tourism actors. In these settings, we wish to continue the ongoing discussions about the ways in which indigenous and local cultures can be defined, categorized and utilized in sensitive and meaningful ways across the Arctic (see Viken & Müller 2017). The session welcomes conceptual, methodological and empirical explorations around cultural sensitivity. The research papers can draw attention, for instance, to the values of sensitivity and responsibility in tourism entrepreneurs’ work, and how tourism researchers and practitioners engage with tourism development in general (see Höckert 2018; Ren, Jóhannesson & van der Duim 2017). The session is open for critical examination of the conventional division between culture and nature in the ways we think, investigate and develop tourism within, and beyond, the Arctic (see Grimwood 2015). The gathering is co-hosted by members of ARCTISEN-project (2018-2021).

The World Indigenous Tourism Summit (WITS 2020)

WITS 2020 carries a promise of collaboration, fellowship and the sharing of strong commitment to improving the well-being of Indigenous societies and sacred Mother Earth


A World Forum to advance opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in tourism

The World Indigenous Tourism Summit (WITS 2020) will be an enriching experience where participants can impart and gain knowledge of the vital intersections among tourism, community and earth stewardship. Participants will learn more about the values that make Indigenous tourism special and unique…values of respect, generosity, hospitality and authentic earth wisdom.



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