National and transnational reports to be published soon

During the first year of the project, we have worked the Work Package 1 - Baseline studies on cultural sensitivity - lead by the Arctic University of Norway. ARCTISEN team has been meeting, interviewing and discussing with associated partners and a wide range of other tourism actors in order to get a better picture of the visions and needs across the project area. The road-map for future activities is based on these interviews and discussions.

After the discussions, all partners have been working hard with national reports, which will be published later on during autumn. Team UiT is also writing a transnational report of cultural sensitivity that is based on the national reports and literature reviews.

Moreover, Tytti Mäenpää from Lappi Design, who created the visual elements for the project, has helped us again by creating beautiful template for the reports. Please follow our social media channels and you will be first to know when the reports are published!